YOO Montreal, Canada


Yoo Montreal, Canada, project : Philippe Starck



Yoo is the name of an ambitious real-estate project offering top-shelf services that was originally developed in 1999 through a partnership between the millionaire British property developer John Hitchcox and Philip Starck. Now boasting approximately 60 projects in 27 countries worldwide, including Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and North America, Yoo is based on the concept of a vertical village, bringing together culture, lifestyle, design and luxury.



Among recent projects currently at the building phase, Yoo Montréal is a 20-storey tower standing in the heart of Griffintown District and symbolising the rebirth of this neighbourhood.



Griffintown District, a cradle of 19th-century industrialisation, is bringing its old location for housing back to life without ignoring its industrial past.



In this lively context, Yoo Montréal is re-transcribing luxury residential architectural design drawing on a stylistic idiom that is both high-tech and extremely stylish.



A parallelepiped structure featuring a regular pattern of terraces stands above a three-story base that helps the building fit gently into its urban setting thanks to full-height glazing.



The interiors are based around design, well-being and luxury offering extremely comfortable amenities, including a swimming pool, spa, spacious terraces offering panoramic views across Montréal, and even a fitness facility.





The Italian company Bertolotto, a leading manufacturer of doors for interiors and armoured/fire doors combining top-quality performance ratings with exclusive Italian design, is part of this prestigious project.



Bertolotto was chosen to supply 300 Walldoor Massima doors.



These flush doors with white-coloured, ensconced frames will be installed in Yoo Montréal’s over 80 housing units, fitting perfectly into settings combining good taste, elegance and class thanks to their unmistakable minimalist style.