Luxury Garages


Carea-Design creates a prestigious setting thanks to SO LIGHT by CLIPSO 



Carea-Design, a company specialising in the design and installation of customised luxury garages, stands out for an approach to design that combines luxury and originality. The company decided to draw on the expertise of CLIPSO to achieve its goals.



To provide prestigious car manufacturing brands with elegant cutting-edge backdrops, CLIPSO has designed rear-lit cornices with a translucent SO LIGHT coverings ensconced in black ceilings to generate a sharp and striking contrast.



For the walls, images selected by Carea-Design were printed in high definition on the same kind of canvases. The combination with other high-quality materials makes a garage luxurious enough to showcase these prestigious vehicles and their owners.



Carea-Design’s work is aimed the people who are fans of luxury or collector’s cars, who believe that the container is just as important as the content. In order to create a top-end garage, everything needs to be redesigned: ceilings, walls, floor, lighting and design.



Thanks to its efficient and easy-to-install technical products, CLIPSO has really managed to make a difference in this project. Its coverings, ideal for new constructions, renovations or interior designs, can quickly transform a space in very little time at ambient temperature without creating dirt or unpleasant odours. This means a garage with no personality can change appearance overnight and be ready accommodate its wealthy tenants the very next day.