Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Blevio, Lago di Como

Unique lighting effects and reflections thanks to Vetrite by 

Considered to be the jewel in the crown of the Mandarin Oriental, Lake Como, which has been opened in the historic building of Villa Roccabruna à Blevio, the new wellness area has been transformed into an exclusive and refined setting thanks to a magical interplay of reflections of Vetrite by Sicis.

The project for the new spa, designed by the Herzog & de Meuron firm, is part of a general renovation of the wellness area that also includes the construction of a large infinity pool alongside the lake.

Sicis was responsible for the design of the wall cladding structure and its installation. A plasterboard base was first laid over the existing Aquapanel structure to which a cementitious adhesive was then applied, followed by a fibreglass mesh. Taking this as a base, a series of 7 cm diameter holes were then drilled across the entire above-water surface in the wellness area, including the entrance rooms. A special template with 60 holes in its was custom-made for drilling the holes and rotated at different angles to repeat the pattern across the entire surface in an irregular way.

A Grey Tone-coloured Vetrite disc of the same diameter was inserted into all of the holes. The disc, which was tailor-made for the project, was inserted and bonded using a special adhesive. Plaster was applied to complete the work. The result is undoubtedly eye-catching and visually impressive.

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