Castel Florea, Villefranche-Sur-Mer, France


Castel Florea, Villefranche-Sur-Mer, France, project : Griesmar Architectes



Built by Baron Reuckart in 1912, this residence from the belle époque period overlooking Villefranche-sur-Mer was completely restructured from 2017-2019 under the supervision of the architect Jean-Baptiste Griesmar and the De Angelis firm.



Located between the hillside and seaside, this all-stone building has two crenelated towers, one of which leads to a spacious panoramic roof terrace.



Over the years the castle has been sold, broken down and divided up into various properties, while basically holding on to its original style.



Recently bought by various owners to construct large apartments, this over-900 m² building has been completely renovated by Jean-Baptiste Griesmar, who worked with a very gentle touch and great respect for the original architecture. His work earned him the Grand Prix Réhabilitation-Restructuration in the 2019 Geste d'Or awards.



JUNG: bringing together history and new technology

Among the most challenging aspects of this project was the need to incorporate new technology that had to fit in with the original architectural style without losing its own very cutting-edge identity. One very successful idea was the decision to opt for switches designed by the German brand JUNG, which were installed on the main terrace. 



JUNG’s LS990 range provided the architects with a product of timeless elegance, which, thanks to its smallness, flat surfaces and ease of usage, perfectly adapted to a building that is classed as an historical monument.



The old-fashioned brass finish was chosen for its good looks and the high level of protection provided by a sealing gasket specially designed for finishes from the LS range.