La Maison de Quartier Saint-Antoine, Forest, Belgium


La Maison de Quartier Saint-Antoine, Forest, Belgique, projet: Faidherbe & Pinto architectes



Projet: Faidherbe & Pinto architectes; Engineering: JZH & Partners scrl / Ir Pierre Stoffel, Ingénieur Axis Engineering sprl; Consultant of  Energy Performance of Buildings: Faidherbe & Pinto architectes sc sprl; General contractor: BRUDEX sa; Copper coating: DIM toiture sa; Client: La Commune de Forest (Bruxelles); Photos: Filip Dujardin



The new house Saint-Antoine (MQSA) is in the context of a conceptual design which was developed in a participatory process. We opted for an organization of the program to interact with the urban context on three sides of the plot. 



We propose to create a new building at the corner of the streets, at the opposite to the existing building which currently houses the Maison de Quartier (MQSA) end of a template 4 levels (ground floor + 3 floors). 



Volume binding levels to build along the street Padua ensure the transition between the new construction and building renovation. We suggest moving the main entrance of the MQSA Fierlant street to street Padua to take advantage of existing public space.





We maintain a secondary entrance street Fierlant to allow greater flexibility while maintaining a certain activity on the street.