2000 Ocean Miami, Florida


Lualdi, customised designs for top-end housing



2000 Ocean Miami, Florida, project by Enrique Norten’s firm Ten Arquitectos


Nestled between Golden Beach and Sunny Isles, this elegant 64-storey glass tower is the first prestige residential complex to be built in this emerging enclave of luxury.



An oasis of serenity and elegance close to the beach, it offers 64 housing units, including half-floor flats, penthouse apartments and a duplex villa. Designed by Enrique Norten's Mexican studio TEN Arquitectos that has offices in New York and Miami, 2000 Ocean is complemented by a spa pavilion housing a tranquil bamboo garden, private lounges, a yoga studio, Hammam and a fitness/wellness centre overlooking the meticulously cared for gardens.



Compass Line  is an interior swinging door flush with the wall. Featuring an aluminium frame, the door has been customised with different marble finishes.  The 2000 Ocean residences embody Lualdi's ability to integrate interior design and customised designs*. The door is, in fact, the focus around which the overall design, materials and finishes on the fixed furnishings have been created. Sharing and constant dialogue with the designer are part of the Lualdi mindset and are the pillars of an entire process, which, together with the utmost manufacturing flexibility, are the driving force and stimulus to experiment and innovate. 


Rasovetro 55sAluminium and glass hinged door with concealed hinges featuring transparency, luminosity and lightness.



The Sliding 50 partitions/sliding doors system allows you to create rooms within rooms. Sliding 50 can be arranged in multiple ways in wood or lacquer for an indoor partition system that fits into the most diverse architectural settings with the utmost flexibility.



Perfectly coplanar and equipped with a pivoting door, Compass 55 looks like a large, silent curtain capable of connecting spaces with absolute lightness.



L7, designed by Piero Lissoni, is a contemporary door in terms of its concept, use of materials and technology. With its simple, clear-cut lines, this designer door lends itself to furnishing the most diverse settings thanks to a choice of finishes that play with the lightness and transparency of opal or satin glass and the sophisticated elegance of the metal forming the bronze profile.



Rasomuro 55s creates architectural transition between one room and another thanks to its exclusive and elusive, almost intangible design.



Wall&Door  is a contemporary wall/door system designed to be a means of rationalising, defining and homogenising surfaces in the same room.