Temporary Exhibitions


Alongside the publishing of its magazine and its Internet website www.arcadata.com, l’Arca International is organising and supporting a yearly programme of temporary design and architecture exhibitions. l’ Arca International’s exhibitions provide companies in this industry and the business world in general with the chance to form new relations and synergies with carefully selected partners.


La Galerie Roche Bobois
Espace 22, Monaco, 29/6–29/12/2017

A new concept dedicated to design and creation launched by Roche Bobois at Espace 22 in Monaco, June 2017. Conceived as an exhibition space, the Roche Bobois Gallery aims to present a selection of some of the brand’s most creative and audacious pieces of furniture, lighting and decorative objects. 

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Cool things for Interiors 
Galerie Carré Doré, Monaco, 5-10/12/2016

Different unique objects originally signed by Simone Micheli has lived the visual show. This first and exclusive exhibition is the first step of a path which celebrates his design, offering its iconic and original thought to collectors and exclusivity’s lovers.

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Lighting Design 
Espace 22, 
Monaco, 2/12/2015 –29/1/2016

Lighting appliances designed by international architects and designers, the exhibition has presented a focus on the close ties between a design idea and finished product based on a working partnership between companies and designers, who follow a common pathway. 

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Around the Table 
Espace 22, Monaco, 15/9 – 31/10/2015

AMlab, creative laboratory specialized in design and implementation of places to live, has presented a collection of luxury tables from Made in Italy’s style, mixed with an exclusive limited edition of complements’ furniture. 

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SieMatic Elégance 
Espace 22, Monaco, 10/4 – 12/6/2015

Germany’s leading manufacturer of top-range modern-day kitchens, has presented  its new lifestyle philosophy, a revolutionary and absolutely innovative concept based on creating atmospheres and living spaces rather than just different ranges or models of kitchen units. 

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Espace 22, Monaco, 27/11/2014 – 15/1/2015

A wide range of elegant and innovative materials indicating new ways of “dressing up” inhabited space. Designed by the architects Chloé Thomazo e Jérémy Germe, the set design helped bring out the sensorial-material features of the coatings.

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Espace 22, Monaco, 18/9 – 7/11/2014

Rear-lit alabaster washbasins, crystal-plant bathtubs matched with showers and accessories with extremely minimalist lines, ceramic coatings with trendy textures and surfaces, designer heated towel rails and elegant taps and faucets were all dislpayed in a setting inspired by the “underwater” world.