A sustainable villa surrounded by nature


A sustainable villa surrounded by Dutch nature, project: Jan des Bouvrie et Dik Smeding

A fresh, light and airy home where Neolith® has been chosen as the main surface


Charlotte Kap 

Sustainable inside out

This 700 m² villa, designed by Dutch architects Jan des Bouvrie and Dik Smeding, combines tradition and modernity in an extremely refined "urban" concept. A fresh, light and airy home where Neolith® has been chosen as the main surface for each of the interior and exterior rooms.



With an eclectic yet elegant décor truly pop, yet maintain the contrast between novel and classical; marble-effect surfaces were specified for the floors and walls. Bookmatched Estatuario Polished was used for the statement wall behind a glimmering, mirrored fireplace, drawing the eye to the centre of the room.



The flooring of all three levels of the house: the lower ground floor, ground floor and first floor are covered in Beton which fits in perfectly with the urban design brief due to its cementitious design. Specified in Silk finish, the floor brings the outdoors ‘in’ while also providing some traction, preventing the risk of slipping.



A bespoke bath

The homeowners were so taken by Neolith’s Classtone range that they decided to Calacatta in both smooth, Silk finish and glossy Polished finish for all five of their bathrooms. Polished was used for the walls, to give a reflective effect which opens up the space, and Silk finish for the floors.



Thrilled with the look and feel of the material, the homeowners also requested custom-made Neolith baths and wash basins. This would create a holistically uniform, immersive space in each one.



Life is for living

But the highlight of the project is the application of Neolith between the living room and terrace. When the floor-to-ceiling windows are open, the home and garden become one continuous space, creating an illusion of fluidity. The Beton Silk 6 mm thickness also was used for covering the existing terrace tiles. The material which was used indoors was also applied outdoors because of Neolith’s weatherproof properties.



Manufactured in a carbon neutral environment, Neolith makes not only the most visually attractive choice for residential applications, but one of the most eco-friendly as well