Bacchanalia restaurant Mayfair Londres


A successful collaboration between Sicis and Martin Brudnizki Design Studio 



Bacchanalia is the latest venue opened by British restaurant magnate Richard Caring in London. Constructed out of a former Porsche showroom in Mayfair, the restaurant features dramatic interiors laden with references to classical Greek and Roman mythology. The richness of the "decoration", which at first glance may seem excessive or redundant, actually derives from subtle and carefully studied balances based on a combination of creativity, design, art and industrial expertise.  



Bearing the hallmark of Martin Brudnizki Design Studio, the rooms also feature five imposing statues commissioned from Damien Hirst that hang from a ceiling depicting a winged lion, a unicorn with two winged figures, a second unicorn, Medusa and Bacchus.



But that is not all; giant murals created by Gary Myatt depict bacchanal scenes in a mix of classical figures and contemporary references (from San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge to an open Apple Macbook on a table). Fundamental to this project "overflowing" with carefully created stylistic features are both the attention to detail and the selection of coating materials, notably including Sicis mosaics.



All the floors in the restaurant, bar and private club are made of multi-coloured marble mosaic custom-designed by the client and inspired by Roman homes from that era. References to classical mythology run through the areas of the venue recreating settings inspired by a range of deities. 



The ladies' bathroom, for example, is based on the Garden of the Hesperides decorated with beautiful glass mosaics depicting cascading branches lade with golden apples. 



The underworld of Hades, on the other hand, is the main theme of the men's restroom, with black and white marble mosaics. The private club is inspired by Apollo and here too we find artistic marble mosaic inserts in the columns framing the bar counter.



SICIS's experience and mastery in combining selected materials and traditional craftsmanship with innovative manufacturing systems means all the mosaics are handcrafted at the company's Ravenna headquarters, ready to be broken down, transported and assembled on site.