Social Health Centre, San Felice sul Panaro, Italy


Social Health Centre, San Felice sul Panaro, Italy, project: Mario Cucinella Architects 



Cotto d’Este surfaces were chosen by the Mario Cucinella Architects firm to cover the exterior and some indoor spaces of the Social Health Centre building in San Felice sul Panaro, in the province of Modena. The architect and his firm centred the project’s concept around the archetypal rural farmhouse and therefore decided to locate the Centre in a lush rural setting, where various thriving crops alternate.



The building consists of four aggregated structures which, intersecting one with the other, create, at the same time, a space that is internally unified but, from the outside, clearly well-defined.



The intensity of the openings increases from the bottom upwards with the role of gradually shielding the light. Thus a space was created that has no barriers whatsoever and is completely permeable thanks to the large windows that establish a visual relationship between indoors and outdoors for the 22 children with severe disabilities who will use the facility.



With regard to the ceramic coating of the external surfaces, the choice was influenced both by a bond with the local area – which is part of the ceramic district – and by a desire for innovation: the coating is a continuous skin that envelops both the vertical walls and the roof, hiding the gutters and downspouts, while ensuring a clean shape and easily recognizable features.



The ventilated façade features Cotto d’Este surfaces from the BLACH-WHITE collection, porcelain stoneware slabs which, thanks to their extremely reduced thickness and large sizes, are able to guarantee unparalleled elasticity and resistance.



Among the solutions in the Kerlite 5plus Ultrawhite range, 2,300 Square meter was used for the outer covering with a silk finish, which guarantees an attractive silk effect.



For an additional 150 Square meter – also on the external façade – a glossy finish was chosen which, thanks to a light patina effect, remains soft and captivating and is characterized by a surprising shiny effect for absolute white. For both finishes, the size of the slabs is 100x300 cm with a thickness of 5.5 cm.



Inside the building, for the floor coverings, the Mario Cucinella Architects firm chose the Blustyle’s Blutech collection by Cotto d’Este, in the natural Anthracite colour. 


ph.Daniele Domenicali

Blutech is a collection that represents a true evolution in unglazed porcelain stoneware technical products, since it uses a unique production technique, which enables it to combine performance and elegance.


ph.Daniele Domenicali

Mario Cucinella, who has always been committed to environmental issues wanted to reuse the scraps resulting from cuts to the façade for certain coverings for the indoor spaces in the Social Health Centre project.


ph.Daniele Domenicali

Part of Panariagroup – one of the leading international groups in the production of high-end and luxury ceramic surfaces – Cotto d’Este is committed to pursuing the same mission every day, always focused on growth and the creation of well-being in harmony with people and the environment.