Las Terrazas del Lago, Madrid, Spain


Las Terrazas del Lago, Madrid, Spain, project : Morph Studio



Designed by the Spanish architecture firm Morph Studio for the Inmoglacier Group, Las Terrazas del Lago residential complex is an emblematic project located in Valdebebas, one of the most developed neighbourhoods of Madrid.



Overall the architecture is designed in relation to the building’s exposure to the sun and the well-being of its inhabitants, mainly focusing on energy-saving.



The building’s strategic position opposite Felipe VI Park and Lake Valdebebas are the inspiration behind the curving structural design complete with bright white facades.



2000 m² of spacious terraces allow the 83 apartments to enjoy the very best exposure to sunshine, creating a new architectural landscape designed for exclusive clients in symbiosis with the urban-natural setting.



An elegant and functional building, Las Terrazas del Lago is an extremely interesting example of the role played by the Porcelanosa Group’s materials and products in numerous cutting-edge projects designed in partnership with leading architects.



The quality and innovation of the Porcelanosa Group are brought out by the facades made of Krion® and Ston-Ker®, two of the most modern and technologically cutting-edge materials available on the market. Thanks to its excellent technical-aesthetic properties and features, the ventilated faced made of ceramic Ston-Ker® can handle even the most extreme weather conditions, while resisting wear-and-tear.



This kind of facade has been chosen for the notable benefits it offers: no heat bridges or compensation, the best possible heat insulation, air convection through the façade, and low maintenance costs.



Las Terrazas del Lago features various types of apartments designed with the very best finishes to cater for particularly demanding clients.



The architects have chosen the composite material Krion® to cover the floors and walls of the kitchens and bathrooms and also for the washbasins, sanitary facilities, showers and bathtubs in the 83 apartments.





Krion® is currently one of the most sought-after construction materials due flexibility of usage, adaptability to all kinds of shapes and forms, resistance to weather conditions, and 100% recyclable mineral composition.