Le Simona Tower


published in l'Arca International n° 112


Le Simona, Monaco, Monaco - Project: Jean Pierre Lott and Suzanne Belaieff


Built in the Principality of Monaco, Le Simona is a tribute to light, the Mediterranean landscape and the beautiful views offered by this exceptional location.



Verticality takes the form of two structures set out by means of a system of narrow pathways and carefully worked in terms of material.



White concrete is exalted in the curved facades, the geometric perforation of the shutters protecting the terraces, and the interplay of airy holes setting the pattern of walls on the two towers.  Designed by Jean Pierre Lott and Suzanne Belaieff, Le Simona is a bold project deriving from the  farsightedness of J.B. Pastor & Fils, a famous old builder from Monaco open to international input and with an eye to the future and the urban redevelopment of the Principality.



By reinventing the codes of modern-day living and rewriting the relationship between verticality and the uniqueness of this site, Le Simona offer a different concept of the cityscape.