Carmo Coffees, Brazil


Carmo Coffees, Três Corações, Minas Gerais, Brazil, project: GP&A


published in l'Arca International 172



Arriving in Brazil in the mid-18th century, coffee became the main product of the Brazilian economy. The search for the ideal growing region extended throughout the country and made Minas Gerais the main producing region. In this trend, Carmo Coffees has worked with the premise that quality comes from our respect and care for the entire production chain.



Located in a strategic area, the place demanded a remarkable shape. Hence this inward-looking shape of the building, open at the top like a skylight, that allows the entrance of sunlight during the day and, at night, becomes the expression of inner light of Carmo Coffees activity.



The resulting atmosphere is necessarily solemn, because it is perhaps the only moment when these qualities will be brought together in order to demonstrate the significance of this attitude of affirmation of the quality of our coffee.



The main entrance is through a portal made of a perforated plate reminiscent of those utilized for the harvest of coffee beans. In the foreground, on the floor, there is the map of the producing region. On the right side, the coffee is presented as a precious commodity in its various stages of processing.



Above this, on the jute-covered wall, are the names of the farms and the producers. In the background, the sublimated translucent coffee bean is the most symbolic expression of this ritualistic environment. From there, we go up and walk in the shade of a museum-like tunnel: the experience of this path that tells the story and leads to the big warehouse, seen from above. Just below, in the micro-lot area, we can pause and contemplate the coffee processing.



The light control, the images, and the colors throughout the warehouse enhance that atmosphere. On the second floor, the administrative area is developed around a large open patio, bringing light and relaxation to the environment.



Project: GPA&A; Project Team: Gustavo Penna, Norberto Bambozzi, Laura Penna, Letícia Carneiro, Oded Stahl, Caio Vieira, Alice Leite Flores, Fernanda Tolentino, Henrique Neves, Bárbara Novais, Ada Penna, Larissa Freire, Gabriel de Souza, Larissa Freire, Sávio de Oliveira, Felipe Franco, Mariana Carvalho, Rafaela Rennó, Manoel Belisario, Raquel de Resende, Eduardo Magalhäes, Julia Lins; Interiors: André Silva, Bernardo Alves, Lucas Moreira, Gustavo Monteiro, João Prado; Interior Design: GPA&A; Lighting Project: Acropoluz; Electrical Project: TecServ; Structural Project: MR Construtora; Furniture: Prodomo; Joinery: Art Versatile; Glass Suppliers: Vidraçaria Bom Pastor; Coatings and Flooring: Miaki; Construction: MR Construtora (Director: Guilherme Rabelo); Visual Identity: GSB2; Marketing: Diana Penna; Photo: Leonardo Finotti and Txai Ilg