Le Boréal Lyon, France


published in l'Arca International n. 143


Le Boréal Lyon, France, project: SCAU Architectes and Jean-Philippe Nuel



Project: SCAU, Iliade; Interior design: Jean Philippe Nuel; Project manager: Mariarosa Penzi, Jerôme Peuron; Technical studies: GESYS, Distylight, Ouest Alu, Fontanel; Bathroom furniture: Duravit; Fitting: Hansgrohe; Lighting: Easylum/ Black body; Acoustic fabric: Kvadrat; Furniture: Silvera/ RBC Lyon; Custom furniture: Laser; Auditorium seats: Poltrona Frau; Client: Crédit Agricole/Cogedim/Boehringer. Photos: Gilles Aymard, Gilles Trillard



Designed by SCAU in partnership with the interior designer Jean-Philippe Nuel, the Boréal building holds the new home of Boehringer Ingelheim’s ‘Santé Animale France’ in the heart of the Lyon-Gerland bio-district.



The project embodies the concept of an eco-responsible services building. Bepos-certified (positive energy building), Boréal stands out for its high-quality architecture from both an architectural and environmental viewpoint, as well as the attention it pays to staff comfort and the work environment.



These energy properties are the result of a combination of bioclimatic architecture and efficient technological features. Covering an area of 15,500 m², the complex features a white monolith surrounded by spacious gardens.



“Boréal is both a striking and welcoming building -  so Maxime Barbier and Luc Delamain from SCAU are keen to point out. The white colour scheme underlines the basic structures bringing out the light and generating a sense of well-being. Landscaping filters the sunshine and creates a reassuring natural setting”.



Jean-Philippe Nuel also notes that “we took on this project with the aim of turning it into a living environment that generates interaction, socialising and well-being.



The concept of nature is at the very focus of our approach. This idea is embodied through the intake of natural light, careful work on creating soft and organic forms, the choice of materials and the colour scheme with shades of green mixing with delicate, natural hues.



In this respect the base of the building is particularly emblematic. Designed as if it were an inhabited landscape based around a sequence of levels and fluid forms, it is more reminiscent of nature than an urbanised setting.



The overall building creates an environment blending together nature, innovation, well-being and environmental friendliness to create a unique landmark fitting in perfectly with Boehringer Ingelheim’s corporate values”.





The workspaces combine efficiency and comfort through carefully chosen architectural-construction features, such as a facade layout focused around linearity and the idea of allowing natural light into the entire building, the presence of patios to improve views of the surroundings, the proximity of natural vegetation and direct access outdoors.



A uniformly treated shell guarantees a multiplicity of interior configurations and a smooth flow of spaces and horizontal circulation systems linked to the patios.