Monografie N° 4

Febbraio 2019

Questionology in Architecture


There are many learned dichotomies: imaginary/real, shopping/play, natural/synthetic, site/building, culture/commerce. Could architecture blur those dichotomies? [I Like Dalki] For a long time, architecture has tried to conquer nature. Instead, what is the best way to resemble nature? [Hansook Cheong Memorial] How about a building with four different facades? [C Publisher’s Building] Streets are streets. Buildings are buildings. Can streets become a building? [Ssamziegil] No more external addition! Why not internal addition? [Taehaksa] How about a building with different volumes stacked on one another? [Arumdri Media Houses] have clear divisions between rooms and uses. Since when? [Liquid House] Cities are solid with the rigid zoning system. What is the possible shape of a city without zoning? [Liquid City] How about a building of the third nature that respect and respond to nature? The first nature is nature itself and the second nature is its history and context. [KIST Jeonbuk] A suburban house is usually a remote stand-alone building. Why a suburban house can’t have communities? [W Houses] The museum site has maximum building height of 12m. What if we flip the building creating an art platform with various spaces underneath? [MOCA Seoul] Could a building have 25 access points like streets in a city? [SSU Student Union] What is the alternative way to put community space in a dormitory? [K Guest House] Buildings are hardly irrevocable. How does a building house PRADA’s ever-changing nature? [P Flagship Store] Which stance should a building take in a new campus? [Veritas Hall Yonsei Campus] People disappear behind the locked doors. How about facing each other, literally? [Maison de la Corée] What is the alternative for architecture by the street in a dense city? [H Music Library]How do you create spatial continuity in a sloping site? [Woods Kindergarten] Is it possible for a (museum) building to create a landscape and a series of paths at the same time? [National World Writing Museum] As a part of the city organ, is there another way to house various programs? New platform! [UOS Centennial Memorial Hall] All room sizes are different at our house. What if all the rooms are the same size? Architecture is about making space. So why do we sell the apartment in square meters, not cubic meters? [M3] The inside and the outside of the human body are very different. What if inside and outside do not match in the building? [Exterior & Interior] New thinking is like new shoes, uncomfortable but exciting![Questionology in Architecture]