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Magazine about architecture, design and visual communication


Bimonthly publication in three languages, 6 issues-a-year published 

l’Arca International is the first magazine published in three languages (French/Italian/English) completely devoted to the world of modern-day design. 

Every issue includes an in-depth analysis of a significant work of architecture design to complete the various articles on present-day architectural design and innovations coming from the building industry.

Published by SAM MDO - Principality of Monaco, an distributed in Europe, French-speaking nations, Italy, United States, Japan, South Korea and Chine, l’Arca International has confirmed its status as the preferred partner magazine of leading international shows and exhibitions.


The Columns

Compilation: news about the latest construction work and architecture around the world

Products: Thematical zoom

Tomorrow is yesterday: Research and experimentation

Projects: International projects and constructions

Design : Between creativity and innovation 

Shorts: Overview of architecture

News about the city: Ideas on urban issues

Arts: Art and design


Profile of readers

Prescribers (architects, technical firms, interior architects etc.), public and private clients, real-estate promoters, business people and also students, training/research institutes and broad spectrum of people interested in and passionate about architecture and design. A statistical study carried out by our team on a sample group of 5.000 subscribers revealed that 97% of those interviewed consider advertising in the magazine to be useful for their professional work.