ArchiMaterial is a digital catalogue of building products for architects and other operators in the industry. Since the beginning of 2017, over 1300 industrialists and several thousand products have been added to ArchiMaterial’s database, thanks to the dedicated efforts of a team given the task of updating the catalogue daily. The aim is to allow professional people and students to consult and keep track of their favourite products used in their projects, upgrading and sharing them with others. This applies to every sector, ranging from sanitary fixtures and decoration to structural or ecological/innovative products. ArchiMaterial also operates alongside manufacturers, providing them with the chance to present samples in showrooms, again aimed at professional people who can use them free of charge. 



Founded in 1936, Bongio has always considered taps and bathroom fittings in a more comprehensive manner, approaching the subject in its entirety rather than dealing with it as a collection of distinct pieces, quite separate from one another. HQ Brass, historical Murano glass crafts, crystal, have given the company, a unique character. The products are genuinely “Made in Italy”, the outcome of authentic and outstanding Italian craftsmanship, and not just publicity.


Giovannetti was born in the mid 60s with the desire to innovate the universe of furniture through collaborations and brilliant products. A product-oriented company, Giovannetti focused on constantly improving the quality of its products and on the search for increasingly high efficiency in its production processes. 



JE DIS VERT is a company specialising in the design, installation and maintenance of green spaces. Founded by Julien Schacher, JE DIS VERT provides plenty of high-quality services, including terracing, the construction of sections of walling, and wooden terraces or outdoor furniture.



MANET easy chair is the first product entirely thought, developed and commercialized by BestBefore2065. MANET is an easy chair aiming to re-create that feeling we have when we’re spending time in the open air. On MANET, as on a meadow, you’re free both to lay or sit: reading, taking a nap or just sitting are always very personal experiences while staying in-between the chair’s soft “stems”.




L’UNAID, the National Union of Interior Architects and Designers, is a trade union longing to the French Building Federation. Set up in 1978, UNAID groups together qualified interior architecture firms divided up over seven regions across the whole of France and even extending to the rest of Europe. Its job is to protect and promote people working in the interior architecture industry and independent professionals, either working freelance or for companies. It serves four main purposes: to provide its members with professional expertise; to guarantee their development and professionalism; to offer the support required for members to carry out their profession; to provide external communication and promote the profession. 


The brand Verde Profilo® was founded in 2008 by Stefano Laprocina, a young agronomist, connoisseur and lover of nature, who decided to promote and share a new green philosophy for the exploration of the concept of all-round green. The company's team consists of engineers, garden designers, planners and architects who are available to the customer and his lifestyle.