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CORRADI.EU Maestro is a product that looks to the future of the outdoors with an innovative and varied approach in order to give the broadest choice to those who wish to live the outdoor space with avant-garde solutions and a unique style. The main configuration of Maestro is self-supporting aluminum and the coverage can be equipped with sliding foldable canvas or adjustable blades, which is a totally new approach in the outdoor market. The canvas, itself, can be curved thanks to calendered tubes, tightened with spacers or slack with alternating trapezoidal manufacture. Both the configurations – canvas or blades – allow one to pair the structures without doubling the pillar, thus enable to efficiently and elegantly cover large surfaces as well.


FERMOB.COM Ultrasofa: a wonderful XXL outdoor sofa by Fermob ! The great idea behind Ultrasofa was to make an outdoor sofa that could stay in the garden 365 days a year and would offer unequalled freedom of movement. Fermob's expertise is asserted in the development of its 100% acrylic fabric which combines two qualities: resistance to outdoor conditions and a soft touch worthy of an indoor sofa. This wonderful sofa will be combined with other pieces, all available for sale: a 2-seat sofa, an armchair, an ottoman and a low table complete this XXL range. A distinctive family sign: outstanding design and ultra-comfortable fabric. Ultrasofa was awarded a Red Dot Award in the Product Design category in 2014.

LAB23.IT Bend. Comfort and recognisability underscore the Bend collection resulting from a partnership between LAB23 and Cini Boeri architetti. Designed for urban furnishing, the bench is made out of an 80/10 mm thick sheet of steel cut in a sinuous, enveloping shape; planks of wood specially treated using natural water-repellent oils are attached to the two metal sections forming the sides.  A bin, bike stand, chaise-longue and cantilever roof complete the range, which also constitutes an excellent solution for furnishing gardens and terraces in a work setting.



CORRADI.EU Pergotenda® Millenium®. Refined, resistant and durable, Pergotenda® Millenium® by Corradi is the ideal solution for contemporary architectural settings and tastes. The structure is made of aluminum, and can be produced also with an anodizing treatment, available in aluinox color, that creates an unrepeatable appearance. The simple, clean lines make shapes into which the pillars and beams fit perfectly.


ZUCCHETTIKOS.IT Quadrat Minipool by Kos is an indoor/outdoor minipool with infinity edge that comes in a free-standing or built-in version. The free-standing variant features absolute, sculpted geometrics and thanks to its recessed base and LED strip lighting, it looks like a shape suspended in pace. The edge has a big trim that merges with the surface of the water. In the built-in version, it is flush with the floor. Design by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba.


ETERNOIVICA.COM STAR.T.The outdoor flooring support STAR.T by Eterno Ivica is the only one adaptable to any kind of tiles thanks to the well known adjustment key. Its compact size makes it a perfect pedestal for renovation. Star.T is adjustable from 8 to 30 mm and it’s compatible with any type of ceramic, concrete, or composite material floor of any size and weight. The adjustment of Star.T to the millimeter makes it possible to realize elegant and stable floorings, speeding the installation and giving solidity and precision to the entire pavement.


FRANCE-HAIE.FR Artificial vegetable. A range of artificial vegetable coatings/coverings for both indoors and outdoors offers an ideal solution for quickly coating every kind of surface, grid, partition, wall, pergola, air-conditioning unit, heat pump or technical roof in an aesthetically-pleasing manner.  France Haie products offer various different benefits: they are easy to install on any kind of substrate, weather resistant , require no maintenance and do not cause any allergies or other problems connected with parasites. DG2 Environnement is the exclusive distributor of France Haie.