October 2021

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VITAL ROLES by Carmelo Strano

Let’s begin by paraphrasing a question: How will wesurvive together? This points towards two things:how will we survive down here on Earth and howwill we do it together. 

Of course, in the logo-question posed by Hashim Sarkis, the curator of the current Venice Biennial of Architecture, and in the adverb it contains(“together”), the leitmotif is this delicate little adverb, frequently quashed all over the world by divisor and conflicting positions, which, in some cases, lead to what can only be described as war. 

So, who are we talking about when we say “together”? All human beings? Every person who lives on the planet? Even those desperate trying to promote space tourism on board spaceships (and not out of some “Ulysses-inspired” sense of adventure and knowledge)? Perhaps the answer is simply: all people of goodwill. Of course, we all show goodwill in the things that interest us. I have absolutely no intention of detracting from this excellent question posed by the Lebanese architect or to poke fun at it.  Read all