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ASTRO. With a design inspired by hurricane lanterns, portholes and the marine world, Astro's new Coastal range offers an original style and new finishes. This solid brass collection has been designed to withstand all weather conditions, including iodized sea air. The products of the Coastal range come with a 10-year guarantee (except those that have integral LEDs or drivers, which are subject to the standard three-year Astro warranty). The finish of the wall sconces skates naturally over time, which gives an authentic charm to the pieces of this range. It is also possible to restore the original finish with a simple polishing.



LUCTRA® presents its new range of VITAWORK® floor lamps with direct and indirect lighting. This floor lamp is in line with LUCTRA® philosophy, for perfect light at workspaces. His particularity? Asymmetrical light distribution to illuminate entire office rooms, replacing ceiling lights. VITAWORK® offers multiple options to meet with each workspace specificities: choice of luminous flux intensities, personalization to the color of the company, integration into centralized light system of the building, etc…



GEWISS.COM Smart [4]. Gewiss  was awarded the “MIPIM Innovation Forum 2016” Prize for its Smart [4]. The Smart [4] suspension lamp offers a combination of energy efficiency and high photometric ratings (up to 80,000 hours at an 80% flow rate and 100,000 hours at a 70% flow rate). The appliance has particularly powerful optics allowing current industrial reflectors in warehouses and large factories to be replaced at relatively high installation heights.  


INGO-MAURER.COM OH•LED•ONE.Made of glass, stainless steel and plastic,  the OH•LED•ONE table lamp by Ingo Maurer is equipped with OLED modules by LG Chem, fixed on a thin sheet of transparent plastic. The angle of the lamp is freely adjustable by the ball-and-socket joint in the base.


TARGETTI.IT CCTLed Architectural Mini is the new compact ensconced LED projector by Targetti. Its distinctive features are its smallness and two different optical systems creating five different lighting effects. Available in fixed or adjustable versions with a totally vanishing trimless finish or classic customisable finish with various different colour rings and reflectors, including a brand-new gold colour.


LEC.FR LED 5620-Brunei. LEC’s lighting for Mont-Saint-Michel footbridge-walkway – a project designed by Dietmar Feichtinger - meets all the site’s needs in terms of integration and resistance to the extreme weather conditions in this insulated location. 296 LED 5620-Brunei linear bars, each 145 m long and custom-designed, were placed beneath the dividing line between the two lanes to cast smooth and uniform lighting over a length of 430 m. 


DEUXAILES.FR Laurent Beyne. Specialising for over thirty years now in a subtle blend of mathematics and poetry, materials and craftsmanship, glass and light, Laurent Beyne’s work lies at the crossroads between various different skills, that of the glassmaker, lighting designer and sculptor. “My hands are my wings” is his motto, which he applies when working with tricky materials (natural or crystallised glass, coloured glass, marble, concrete, basalt, granite, silver, gold, semi-precious stones, stainless steel, brass).


WWW.RADIANTLIGHTS.CO.UK Radiant Architectural Lighting offers a premium range of luminaires developed in collaboration with leading lighting designers and architects. Many of the best-selling Radiant lighting systems started life as custom designs for specific projects. Incorporating new technologies, Radiant systems are durable, efficient and beautiful. Flexible and adjustable, our products create perfectly illuminated interior and exterior spaces that suit shape and size requirements of any building or structure.