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General conditions of sale for goods sold on

Last update 18th January 2016

Article 1 - Subject

These are the general conditions of sale of the company S.A.M MDO, 31 avenue Princesse Grace, 98000 Monaco, for the magazine l'ARCA INTERNATIONAL.

Article 2 – Price

The price of all the goods is given in Euros including taxes (VAT and other taxes applicable on the day the order was made), unless otherwise stated.

All orders, wherever they come from, will be made in Euros.

The company S.A.M MDO reserves the right to change its prices whenever it sees fit, but goods will be billed for the price given when the order was made, provided the said goods are available. All goods remain the property of S.A.M MDO until they have been paid for in full.

Article 3 – Orders

S.A.M MDO reserves the right not to record a payment and not confirm an order for any reason whatsoever, particularly if there are supply problems or difficulties with the order received.

Article 4 – Confirming an order

Every order made on will conform to these General Conditions of Sale. It is assumed that the person making the order will fully comply with all these general conditions of sale without exception or reserve.

All the details provided and confirmation of the order will count as proof that the transaction has been made.

The person making the order hereby declares they are fully aware of all these conditions.

Confirmation of the order will count as signing and accepting all the procedures.

Article 5 – Payment

Confirming an order means the person making the order is obliged to pay the price stated.

Payment for all purchases may be made by credit card using the 3D Secure security system.

Your credit card will be charged upon making your order.

Article 6 - Returns

Orders may be returned within 14 days of receiving them, without having to give any explanations or pay any fines.

Returned goods must be undamaged and in their original state. The person making the order is solely responsible for the condition of the returned goods. Any damage to the goods may mean they cannot be returned.

Any costs involved are at the person making the order’s expense.

SAM M.D.O will pay back the cost of the returned goods within 14 days of receiving notification of the request, using a payment system of its own choosing.

Exemptions from the right to return goods.

The right to return goods does not apply to:

The supply of a newspaper, journal or magazine, except in the case of subscriptions to these publications.

The supply of digital content not provided on a physical product, which began after making a special agreement with the purchaser and after they relinquished their right to return goods.

Article 7- Availability of

Our goods are available whenever they appear on the website, according to the amount of stock in store. Should a product not be available, you will be informed by email. The order will automatically be cancelled and reimbursement will be made automatically.

The website is not designed to sell goods in large numbers. For this reason S.A.M MDO reserves the right to reject orders of 10 or more issues of the same magazine.

Article 8 - Delivery

Goods will be delivered to the address given on the order form within 15 days.

If delivery is delayed, an email will be sent to let you know delivery may be later than the date given when the order was confirmed.

In accordance with law, you have the right to cancel any order if delivery is delayed.

If delivery is made by a courier service, S.A.M MDO cannot be held responsible for any delays.

Article 9 – Guarantees

All claims must be made by email to within 30 days of delivery.

We will cover the delivery costs.

Article 10 – Responsibility

S.A.M MDO cannot be held responsible for any problems or damage due to the use of the Internet, including any breakdown in the service, external glitch or computer viruses.

Article 11 – Law in force in case of disputes

This contract is drawn up in French. The conditions of sale are subject to Monaco law. In case of legal disputes, Monaco Law Court will have sole jurisdiction.

Article 12 - Intellectual Property

Everything on the website is and will remain the exclusive intellectual property of the company S.A.M MDO. Nobody is authorised to reproduce, use or diffuse for any reason whatsoever, even only partially, anything on the website or any images, video clips or sounds it contains. All the trademarks, logos, acronyms and project references belong to their manufacturers and owners. Any link, either simple or hypertext, is forbidden without S.A.M MDO’s written consent.

Article 13 – Personal Details

S.A.M MDO reserves the right to collect the personal details and names of people making orders. This information is required for handling the orders and improving the services and information sent to the person making the order.

This information may be passed onto other companies involved in these transactions, as well as those in charge of the services and orders in terms of their management, execution, handling and payment.

These details and information are also kept for security reasons, in order to conform to legal obligations and regulations.

In accordance with Monaco law no. 1.165 of 23rd December 1993 (modified) on protecting personal information, you have the right to access, alter or challenge your personal details or information by sending an email to  

Article 14 – Legal property/ Website design and creation

S.A.M MDO owns

Website design and creation : Colibri 

Article 15 – Comments

S.A.M. MDO cannot be held responsible for any mistakes and/or omissions in the website content. Please send any comments or remarks to