l'ArcaWeb November 2020

As of this exclusively on-line edition, l’Arca International’s publishing staff provides monthly news and updates about new projects worthy of a briefly and succinct mention. All readers can contribute by sending projects and images to redaction@groupep.mc   redazione@groupep.mc.

Wutopia Lab, Bookstore, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China 


By Maurizio Vitta. The history of design starts with attempts to design the future that ultimately confirm design’s own fate. Industrial design was a gamble on the future of industry and, from the very beginning, it was forced to look well ahead of itself and set its goals as far into the future as possible. One of the first people to realise this was Giulio Carlo Argan: “Every new intention derives from a critique of the past combined with a project for the future”. 

Studio Pei-Zhu, OCT Design Museum, Shenzhen, China

But alongside the antiquated notion of “form”, design itself contains the basic elements constituting the very essence of the history of design or, in other words, fate and causality. Oswald Spengler pondered over these concepts: “Causality is something rationalistic, deterministic and describable; it is a sign of our intellectual nature. On the other hand, fate is the name of an inner certainty that cannot be described”. Read all

Milad Eshtiyaghi, Montain House

Simone Micheli Architetto, Dream House, engineered by Mauro Orsi

Sixty6 Tower by Pininfarina, Limassol, Cipro


By Gian Piero Jacobelli. A I write down the title of this article, “The history of the future”, I can already sense a wave of protests. “So after everything the pandemic has taken from us”, I can hear you protesting, “all those habits, practices and expectations that were once part of our everyday lives and, bearing in mind we have  no idea when we might get back to normal, you now want to take away the one thing we have left: hope. Ultimately, the future means hope and, if you consign it to the past, that means you want to put it behind us and, hence, take away all hope: hope that something might change for the better, that we ourselves might change for the better”. Read all

CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati, Italo Rota, MEET, Milan, Italy

Utopia Designs, Urbanscape Architects, Office Sangini House Building, Surat, India

Shigeru Ban, Tokyo Toilet Project, Toto

Simone Subissati Architects, Casa di confine, Polverigi, Italy

Prefa, Hotel des Alpes, Courmayeur, project Domenico Mazza

Summary, 1000 sqm Prefabricated, Vale de Cambra, Portugal, Facimar -  FTS - Technical Solutions

Atelier Schwimmer, Chalet Lakeside, Lac-Brome(Canada)

Bizzarridesign, Metamorfosi, Artelinea‚Äč 

Beolit 20, Bang & Olufsen

Ramon Esteve, Vineyard collection, Vondom

BIG Bjarke Ingels Group, La Linea, Artemide

Massimo Iosa Ghini, Lavabo Double Kalos, Devon&Devon

Marco Lavit, Hut, Ethimo

Marc Sadler, Twiggy Wood, Foscarini

Jean Nouvel Design, NVL Table, 
MDF Italia 

Patricia Urquiola, Trampoline Sofa, Cassina

Neolith®  surfaces in a villa signed by Jan des Bouvrie & Dik Smeding 

Andrea Lazzari, Groove, MCZ