June 2021

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The Jacques Rougerie Foundation, 2020 International Architecture and Art Prize

MDO.MONTECARLO PRIZE 2022, new edition, new concept


For two thousand years people have been building their homes and cities using a few simple construction-structural techniques. First of all it was wood, then stone and then bricks. Next came reinforced concrete and then finally iron.  

The Moon Village, project by SOM and ESA  

Aska™ Air-Mobility Vehicle, Aska Fly 


Iron, concrete, bricks and other components are now the means architecture uses to create some stylistically and structurally astounding designs. I think architecture has experimented with every available creative-formal variable in designing complex structures (for inhabiting or otherwise), which are increasingly exciting and innovatively eye-catching. 

Rocco Design, iADC Design Museum, Shenzhen, China 

Zuecca Projects + Coldefy & Associés Architectes Urbanistes, Tropicalia ©Octav Tirziu

Dominique Perrault Architecte, Shenzhen Institute of Design and Innovation, China

One example of this is Zaha Hadid, a modern-day maestro, who managed to construct buildings in unexpected shapes, forms and surfaces that set the benchmark for hybrid types of architectural experimentation worldwide, although the building methods are always the same: reinforced concrete or iron structures supporting transparent or opaque membranes to create a basic form. 

Artwork Italian Heritage by Kerasan

Monaco Art Week, Monaco

All this is happening while ignoring the fact that the building industry has, at the same time, been busy constructing gigantic sailing, flying or travelling structures of the highest technical calibre that have absolutely nothing in common with the current systems used for constructing buildings. Let’s not forget that the 2010 Nobel Prize went to two physicists, Andrej Gejm and Konstantin Novosëlov from Manchester University, for discovering “Graphene”. Read all

Ronan & Erwan Bouloullec, Rope chair by Artek

Lucie Koldová, Manta by mmcité

Tushbutton sensor 4, by Gira

Dean Skira, Lun-Up Evo by iGuzzini Illuminazione

GO Outdoor Table by Lanscapeforms

Karim Rashid, Cyborg Outdoor by Martinelli Luce

Pinifarina, Miraggio by Corà Parquet 

Mawi SPA  by Glass1989