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Acoustic Room by Fantoni creates an acoustically-protected haven inside an open-space office or collective environment. A box within a box, comprising four modules of different dimensions (120x240x H240 cm - 240x240x H240 cm – 300x300x H240 cm – 300x 600x H240 cm), creating islands within high-traffic spaces. The module is sound proof and acoustically protected as it consists of 4akustik sound-absorbent panels. Acoustic Room is supplied with different levels of customization, from a very simple solution (without flooring and glass partition, just 2 walls of 4akustik) to the most complete one with melamine flooring and glass or blind walls.  Lighting and ventilation system are always included, while a wide selection of furniture solutions may complete the box.


HI-MACS® introduces Concrete, a non-porous Concrete look. The new Concrete Collection is born from this desire to express a search for durability and authenticity in our living spaces and embodies the rough texture of raw concrete with the smooth finish of HI-MACS®. The completely non-porous material can be thermoformed allowing for curved shaping, allows for seamless surfaces and it’s easy to repair and to look after. Concrete is available in five shades of concrete and can be used in any applications, such as wall covering, kitchens and bathrooms, adding a special ambience to the space. 


BERTOLOTTO.COMPlana Light, Alaska collection by Bertolotto, is a sliding system made by a minimal aluminum rail built in the ceiling for glass doors with ceiling fixing. It is the perfect solution to realize big glass walls or partitions with a silent and flowing sliding thanks to an excellent shock absorber system. The walls, made with more than one door, that could be sliding or fixed, allowed a maximum flexibility and dynamism in interior design. Frosted and transparent safety glasses on white, bronze, blue, green or grey base, are customizable with sandblast, engravings or decorations made with acid choosing the drawing on our catalogue or asking for a tailor-made project. 


BENCORE.IT Bencore® panels - composites thermos-resins with honeycomb structure - are among the few products where technology, ecology and design are perfectly mixed coupling mechanical properties. They are characterized by multiple performances: light transmission and light diffusion; transparency and views; low weight; high strength; sustainability, recycled content and LEED points; design and product options; easy to install with bencore’s frame systems; thermal insulation; acoustic insulation; fire resistant; quality and durability. 


PROMAT.FR Promat® Systemglas F1 and Promaglas® F1 glass walls, based on composite technology for reinforced safety glass and a special kind of gel pad, offer fireproofing, resistance to bumps and bangs and sound comfort (sound  reduction of up to 44 dB). Installed vertically without any intermediate supports, they allow the greatest transparency in arranging spaces (even over considerable lengths) without interfering with the occupants’ visual comfort.


LUALDI.COM Wall & Door. Lualdi’s Wall&Door system is composed of fixed panels fitted with doors that turn into a kind of second skin for walls, even managing to replace them. The lacquered finish comes in a shiny orange colour. Wall & Door is created to razionalize, define and harmonize the surfaces of a setting.


EESTAIRS.FR DNA. Designed by the British designer Geoffrey Packer for EeStairs, the DNA staircase stands out for its elegance, lightness and architectural distinctness. Unique in terms of its shape and design, DNA transforms into what is both a functional and decorative feature structuring the surrounding space. It has notably been installed in an apartment in the Principality of Monaco. EeStairs altered the original design of the staircase. The stairs are made of extra-clear glass to make the design even more pure and the central stainless steel structure has various different finishes to make it look even more exclusive.


LES-TISSUS-METALLIQUES.COM Multi-Barrette 8123. Haver & Boecker supplied 6000 m² of Multi-Barrette 8123 bronze-meshed fabric for cladding the walls and ceilings of the Theater Hall at the Qatar National Convention Centre in Doha designed by Arata Isozaki. An invisible attachment system developed for this particular project made it possible to maintain the smooth and homogeneous appearance of metal fabric panels while, at the same time, guaranteeing permeability to air, fireproofing, ease of maintenance and the possibility of recycling.


PROCESSBOIS.COM L.Linea Shape by Process Bois by Laudescher is a brand-new system for false ceilings or wall coatings made of sheets of multi-performance or acoustic solid wood. The way the panels are worked creates an open wave-shaped surface providing plenty of creative possibilities for interior furnishing.  


OIKOS.IT Evolution 3TT. The Italian company Oikos presents Evolution 3TT, a new modern door with thermal break frame. Highly customizable, Evolution 3TT entails the insertion of floor thermal break to retain even more heat with no condensation, reaching the remarkable value 9A of watertight. The thermal break also allows to have a very high thermal insulation value of 0,75 U and high performance in the tightness of air, water and wind, in addition to a drastic reduction of the condensation formation.


ECLISSE.IT Syntesis® Tech. Presented by Eclisse, Syntesis Tech is the latest minimalist design trapdoor from the Syntesis® Collection that fits flush into the wall. Syntesis Tech can hide away electrical systems, piping and even closets, leaving the wall looking completely smooth. Handy, versatile and unobtrusive, they are available in a range of sizes and customized closures. 


SECCOSISTEMI.IT EBE 65 Light and glass are the keywords dictating its design features of this villa located just outside Parma. The architect, Luca Rutelli opted for the EBE 65 system made of dry-painted galvanised steel, so that large-size sliding lift-slide partitions could be installed with slim-line, unobtrusive profiles guaranteeing optimum heat, sound and wind/waterproofing ratings.