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As of this exclusively on-line edition of l'ArcaWeb, l’Arca International’s publishing staff provides monthly news and updates about new projects worthy of a briefly and succinct mention. All readers can contribute by sending ain messages and images to publishing staff.

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Presence in Hormuz 02, Hormuz Island, Iran, project: ZAV Architects

Hormuz is a formerly glorious historic port in the strategic strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, 


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To what extent has digital impacted work? What is the value of sustainability applied to design? And from a creative point of view, how does the design approach change? We talked about this with Odo Fioravanti


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Le Terrazze del Mediterraneo, Cavallino Treporti, Italy


project: MMP Architetti 

Fixed and adjustable Pedestal supports by Eterno Ivica for exterior elevated floors 

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