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JUNG.DE LS ZERO. Jung’s new LS ZERO switch was awarded the “Best of Best” prize in the Products category of the 2016 Iconic Awards, an international architecture and design competition organised by the German Design Council. LS ZERO may be installed flush against a wall or on a piece of furniture, walling or partition. This flush mounting creates almost invisible transition between the furniture or wall and switch. Moreover, in addition to completely coplanar and smoothly-fitting installation, the switch is also available in the colours of Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier and in white.


VITRUMSENSE.COM Sense. Winner of the Plus X Award, IF Design Award and Red Dot 2016, the Sense collection of Vitrum, a leader in eco-simplified home automation and home technology, marks a turning point in the design of the switches sector. Inspired by nature, Sense is characterized by relief of the buttons that gives your fingers the liberty of the most natural action on the commands; all gestures are followed by the response of the luminous circle, while a sound confirms the execution of the command. 


OCCHIO.DE With Occhio air, Occhio expands its modular spotlight system to include a new dimension of operation. Now, light can be controlled easily and intuitively by app or remotely via Bluetooth. Regardless of any home automation system, the new Bluetooth control is integrated right in the luminaire head of the Occhio Sento system. The luminaires can thus be controlled easily and intuitively through wireless. Occhio air is based technologically on the Casambi System.


LEGRAND.FR My HOME Play by Legrand is an innovative wireless automatic control system allowing various functions to be centralised on-site, thanks to smart switches connected by radio: lighting,shutters, electrical sockets. The system can be installed without altering the original electrical system: the radio switches can simply take the place of the old switches, and the wireless controls can be placed anywhere without damaging the walls. The IP of the MY Home Play application included in the My Home Play package allows various different household functions to be controlled by means of a smartphone.


GEWISS.COM Domo Center is an innovative systems column manufactured by Gewiss designed to integrate devices for energy supplial, domotics, multimedia systems and security. It turns home systems into furnishing features. Available in two external heights, 210 and 240 cm and only 25 mm thick, with versions with integral mirror finishing, a control unit/panel for domotic functions and a blank or glass door. 


JUNG.DE Variapush. The latest innovations by Jung include Variapush Universel LED, a universal light adjustment system for adjusting or simply switching on/off lights in order to save energy. This compact, ensconced appliance adapts perfectly to requirements in terms of safely and reliably adjusting lighting for all kinds of different lamps (incandescent, high-voltage halogen, adjustable high-voltage LED) and transformers (Tronic with halogen lamps, adjustable induction transformer fitted with halogen lamps).


WWW.NIKO.EU Re:sound G. The deep black or shiny white, glass-fronted Re:sound G series by Revox combines design and fascinating sound experience. Four long-throw bass drivers, a low-distortion mid-range speaker and a tweeter with a large fabric membrane are responsible for providing a precise and powerful sound quality. The elegant sound column delivers excellent sound results whether as a stereo speaker or in a surround configuration, together with the Re:sound G center and Re:sound G column.


WWW.NIKO.EU Niko Home Control is controlling all electrical functions in your home through a touchscreen, smartphone or tablet. Heating one degree up, roll-down shutters down, dimming the lights for a cosy evening .... To turn Niko Home Control into an installation with an optimum ease of use, it is essential to have sophisticated software at your disposal. The user settings software allows residents to change their personal settings themselves and to check the energy consumption.


LOXONE.COM Smart Home. In the Loxone Smart Home, by contrast, everything runs together from a central, intelligent nerve centre: the little green Loxone Miniserver. This means that a single, simple motion detector or switch could control not just lighting, but also the alarm system, heating, music and so on. With just a flick of a switch when you’re at home, or a swipe of your phone when you’re not, you can activate ambience settings that suit your habits and lifestyle.