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TUBESRADIATORI.COM Scaletta. Designed by Elisa Giovannoni, Scaletta is the latest radiator by Tubes Radiatori which offers the utmost freedom of positioning it in any part of the room. With an electric power supply, Scaletta is made of aluminium and it is available in two versions: wall-mounted and free-standing, both of which come with a pulley which winds up the electric cable. 


CHAZELLES.COM FrogWith its wide-open hearth that seems to float due to the fact it is attached to the wall, the Frog fireplace by Chazelles is an authentic design object. Made entirely out of steel for quick heating, Frog comes with an optional stone or marble shelf to give it that extra touch of elegance. The hearth, which can accommodate pieces of wood measuring up to 50 cm, can also be used to hold cinders if required. Its high-resistance grille comes custom-designed in various different sizes ranging from 63.5-90 cm in depth and from 90-1200 cm in width.


FOCUS-CREATION.COM Slimfocus. Slimfocus, designed by Dominique Imbert for Focus, is a suspended wood-burning fireplace, which only takes up limited space due to the fact it only measures 33 cm in diameter. Slimfocus provides natural fire at 85% efficiency and just 0.09% emissions (13% of O2). It is available in a fixed version for corner or close-to-the-wall installations or double-flow (for low consumption buildings) installations, either revolving on a base or gas-powered. The precision of its distinctive design has earned it the 2014 Observeur Du Design Award.


RIKA.FR TOPO. Rika pellet stoves combine the pleasure of a wood fuelled stove with the comfort of a boiler. Thanks to Rika technology, the flame is similar to that of a wood fuelled stove but with greater heating power. Among the designer models, TOPO II has a power rating of 3-10 kW for over three days’ duration. It is also fitted with a touchscreen and extremely quiet technological features. 


CORDIVARIDESIGN.IT Sfere. Cordivari Design presents Sfere, the new radiator designed by Simone Micheli. In Simone Micheli’s imagination, Sfere is the earth; the precise and symmetrical vacuum at the center, designed to accommodate a towel, represents the desire to find a renewed balance between man and man, between man and space, between time and man, tending to perfection, so that life is no longer in constant danger. Sfere enriches the ExtraSlim range, radiators made of a unitary plate with only 7 mm of thickness.


CAMPA.FR Campastyle. Whether for bathrooms or living rooms, the radiators by Campa share a unique style and distinction through the use of various materials such as glass, lava stone or steel. For the bathroom, CAMPA proposes 2 ranges of thin towel radiators (72mm) that combine radiant effect with a discrete booster fan: Campastyle Bains Elite, with a glass façade pierced with spaces for towels, and Campastyle Bains Prestige, with a front panel of several masses of solid glass. These radiators demonstrate the knowhow of French design.


IRSAP.COM STEP. When an industrial enterprise like IRSAP comes together with the stylistic expertise of Antonio Citterio, the result is an impeccable product from both an aesthetic and practical viewpoint. STEP is a range of designer heating appliances featuring simple and clear-cut lines that can be incorporated in any setting. They are available in 22 models in horizontal, vertical and electrical versions. NOW is a revolutionary system for controlling each individual radiator in your home heating systems using either your cell phone or a Control Unit, thanks to wireless technology.