Silver Mountain & Red Cliff, Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan


published in l'Arca International n. 129


Silver Mountain & Red Cliff, Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, project: k/o design studio / Kunihide Oshinomi  + Kajima Design 



Acoustic Study: Kajima Technical Research Institute. Photos: Nacasa & Partners / Atsushi Nakamichi 


Therefore the project looks back to the basic principles of architecture, which are form, space, material and color. Free 3D form Silver Mountain and rectangular Red Cliff are designed depending on functional needs, and intended to show strong contrast of free form and rigid box, silver and red.



Silver Mountain is a 3-storey building dedicated to rehearsal studios mainly used for music practice of students but also for chamber music concert by professional musicians. It is a free 3D form cut out to bring 3 stacked rectangular boxes of studios, a curved foyer and main lobby space.



It consists of a reinforced concrete shell made of truss wall system combined with steel rod truss and molding mesh form. The 90% of the 8500 panels of the external cladding are rectangular or trapezoid, but 10% are irregular shape and had to be drawn out to pattern sheets one by one by computer. 0.3mm thickness stainless steel panels cut out and folded one by one in accordance with computer analysis, were fixed by hand with a help of marker to indicate location of each panel showed on the shell by 3D measurement.



These dull finished stainless-steel panels are changing in aspect depending on different weather and light conditions. The interior of Silver Mountain is exactly the backside reflection of 3D form featuring a curved ceiling and waving walls like a large cave.



A remarkable feature of the studio interior is the waved acoustic concrete wall to radiate the sound. The “glass cloud” connecting Silver Mountain and Red Cliff indicates the major axis of the campus. 



Red Cliff contains the administration offices for students and a faculty lounge. Its external wall is finished with mosaic tiles of three different red shades to appear as a kind of large random patchwork pattern.



Large multiple LCD screens fostering images of the music college are installed on the wall at the entrance.