Public Auditorium, Llinars del Vallès


published in l'Arca International 130


Public Auditorium, Llinars del Vallès, Spain, project :  Álvaro Siza Vieira + Aresta Arquitectura



Associated Architects: Aresta, a+u, SLP (Manel Somoza - Manel González, arquitectos); Collaborator: Clemente Meneres; Engineering: GOP, Gabinete de Obras e Projectos Lda. (Dirección: Jorge Nunes da Silva; Estructuras: Jorge Nunes da Silva; Electricidad: Alexandre Martins; Hidráulica: Raquel Fernandes; Calefacción, ventilación y aire acondicionado (CVAA): Raul Bessa); Main Contractor: Teatre Llinars UTE (Construccions Deumal SA – CERTIS Obres i Serveis) ; Photos: Joao Morgado 



The auditorium of Llinars del Vallès, designed by Álvaro Siza Vieira in partnership with Aresta Arquitectura, is composed of two structures, one holding the main 300-seat hall and the other accommodating the theatre offices.



The auditorium structure was built over three levels - one underground holding the technical equipment and two above ground for the stage and seating.



The main hall is covered by a slightly curved metal roof. A brick tower, which rises above the roofline, is used for housing the stage foundations. The dressing rooms, rehearsal room and storage facilities are located along the sides of the administration offices in the two-story service block.



The stairways and service spaces are set outside the main structures and create a sequence of narrow projections beyond the building casting shadows over the red brick walls.



Long panoramic windows and glass doors have been incorporated in the brick facades that are engraved with the manufacturer’s trademarks.