Bank of Pisa, Italy


published in l'Arca International Special issue 10


Bank of Pisa, Italy, project: Massimo Mariani Architetto


The new executive and administrative headquarters of the Bank of Pisa in Fornacette,  is the last step of a wider project of urban regeneration, as well as functional and operational renewal for the client, which sees the rising of a new construction, a square and new green spaces, also open to collective use, near the old headquarters.



In the area, previously occupied by a commercial building of the 70s, the new construction was brought to fruition according to a higher-level quality and technical-performance profile, in accordance with the strictest parameters for the exercise energy use and the overall sustainability of the whole project (Life Cycle Assessment).



The result is a contemporary building in its appearance, materials and in the relationship it establishes with the land and the environment in general; it is characterized by a low energy/environmental impact and by the higher thermal and acoustic efficiency achieved by the designers, which places the construction in the A/A+ class of the energy certification area (Italian Energy Certificate).



The building consists of 4500 m2 in total and spreads over 3 floors and a basement.



On the upper floors are the executive and administrative offices, distribution and interaction spaces, other service rooms such as toilets, utility rooms and vertical connections; in the basement are the auditorium, with its 300 seats, and a large space dedicated to exhibitions and events.




The interior of the building is dotted with seats and historic “pieces” of the Italian design, placed all along the distribution and interaction spaces and outcome of an accurate selection which actually enriches the building with a new collection.