February 2021

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Mado Samiou, House 6°, Lagonisi, Saronikos, Greece

Snøhetta, Le Monde Group Headquarters, Paris, France


by Cesare M. Casati. I have noticed that there has been almost no debate about the standard and fate of archi- tecture over the last quarter of a century in particular.

Airspeeder MK4, Alauda Racing

Not so long ago, there were plenty of strongwilled critics and historians with their own very definite ideas such as Bruno Zevi or Lewis Mumford, who, along with lots of their colleagues, architects and professors, worked together to control and direct the extremely heavy ‘traffic’ up until the 1980s, consisting of new theories and stylistic experimentation which, in the wake of rationalism, were beginning to emerge.

Christian de Portzamparc, Suzhou Cultural Centre, China

Their opinions were always published in leading architecture journals and magazines that usually reported any notable changes or new developments in design language, and so debate continued at a very healthy rate. Sometimes it was of a highly ideological nature, as in the case of post-modernism, to such an extent that it helped shape a gener- ation of architectural designers. Read hall

Echo, Fiam, design by Marcel Wanders Studio

MAD Architects, Wormhole Library, Haikou, China

SAGA Space Architects, Lunark Habitat

Monaco One, Société d’Exploitation des Ports de Monaco

Calacatta Luxe, Neolith®

Substratum, Civico 23, Gubbio, Italy

Partnership Martinelli Luce and AIAPP 

Bolide, Bugatti

3XN Architects, Cobot Hub, Odense, Denmark

Delta Light, Soliscape, by UnStudio 

Slamp, Le Vie, by Adriano Rachele