Events & Exhibitions

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S.A.M. MDO has focused on devising and producing cultural and promotional events as well as publishing l’Arca International and other leading editorial products in the specialist publishing industry.

Drawing on over thirty years’ experience in the realms of architecture, design and visual communication and an extensive network of know-how and contacts with designers all over the world, S.A.M. MDO is able to create synergies and set up new relations between companies operating in the sector and the rest of the professional world by planning, developing and promoting various opportunities to meet together and interact.

This mainly involves organising new concepts:

  • National and international architecture and design competitions aimed at both professionals and students with the exclusive active involvement of businesses operating in the sector
  • Conferences, roundtables and thematic workshops for presenting and promoting brands involving a carefully targeted selection of designers
  • Temporary exhibition events open to professionals and targeted clients
  • Sectorial exhibitions organised in conjunction with leading professional shows and exhibitions.
  • Customization of an event third to a special occasion in the history of a company

The impact and success of every event are the result of the editorial support of l’Arca International, of the audience of its website,, and of the large number of professionals registered in our official pages Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest.

The creation and successful implementation of any event is the result of a market survey, a careful study of the client’s real needs carried out by our marketing team, the editorial backing of l’Arca International, the visibility and quality content offered by our new website, social networks, and targeted partnerships with other media operating in the sector.