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CLIPSO How can acoustics be combined with lighting? Thanks to a functional, high-performance coating combining acoustic properties and light transmission, CLIPSO, a French company manufacturing tensile ceilings and wall coverings, has developed a brand-new translucent, acoustic coating. Overcoming the conventional dilemma between technology and good locks, the new CLIPSO coating for walls and ceilings improves acoustics through a clever interplay of forms and structures. It can also be incorporated with the new range of CLIPSO Aeroceiling frames. For further information


IRISFMG.IT The attraction and natural warmth of noble stone is reinterpreted in a contemporary light in FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti’s new TRAX collection. The advanced production technologies arising out of the brand’s expertise interpret the key role played by stone in construction and architecture in a high-tech ceramic product that stands out for its authentic look and outstanding performance. Trax is presented in five evocative hues, – white, greige, beige, brown et dark –, a vast range of sizes with four different finishes faithfully interpreting the wealth of grooves, marks and veins on stone; the matt Silky finish adds an unusually soft feel, and the Rigato finish underlines the slabs’ material qualities with an attractive 3D effect. The Trax collection combines the timeless charm of stone with the design potential of high-tech ceramics in a vast range of different sizes to guarantee the utmost freedom of composition for covering indoor and outdoor spaces. 


FIEMME 3000 Disegno DiLegno is a nonstandard concept for furniture. There is no proper catalogue because it doesn't oblige the architect, the designer, the client to do a predetermined choice. The architect designs the furniture desired and we produce it, according to the construction features. Every single peace is produced bespoken, using the same Fiemme 3000 biocompatible planks used for flooring, giving the possibility to have the same texture and color in the whole project. It is a potentially infinite collection of unique, healthy and durable pieces. We guarantee the healthiness of wood thanks to the total lack of varnishes and chemical glues, because a healthy home is always a better house.


SLATE.IT  Origami by ARTESIA® / International Slate Company, is a new way of interpreting stone in a selection of twelve neutral, delicate colours available with eight different finishes featuring everything from most material to the most intangible textures to meet the needs of contemporary architecture that requires a palace of soft, natural shades as the backdrop for chic, designer settings. They also come in a range of new formats with all kinds of geometric patterns: from conventional hexagons in different sizes to diamonds and triangles revamped to really catch the eye, all ready to be combined and mixed with various different colours and finishes with boundless potential for stylistic creativity. 


OIKOS-GROUP.IT CromoMaterioteca®. Oikos, an Italian company specialized in the production of colour and matter for excellent surfaces, is distinguished by a strong propensity for a sustainable culture and presents chromomateria ecosolutions for all indoor and outdoor surfaces. On the occasion of Cersaie 2016 Bologna - International Exhibition of Ceramics for construction and bathroom - Oikos presented CromoMaterioteca®, a point in which a combination of the knowledge and experience of Oikos in the world of colour and matter. Designed to share the philosophy of wellness for interior spaces and facades, CromoMaterioteca® involves in the process of selecting finishes and products such as designers, architects, professional users, private individuals and companies – presenting and proposing our Chromomaterial ecosolutions.


WOODCO.IT Externo by Woodco is the latest high-performance sustainable outdoor flooring with a very elegant, natural look. As beautiful as wood but much more hard-working, Externo is made of BPC (Bamboo Plastic Composite), a special compound made from bamboo flour and polyethylene that is ideal for creating surfaces that continue to be perfect, year after year. Externo resists ageing, atmospheric agents, stains, fungi, mould, bacteria, marine microorganisms and insects.


DEKTON.COM Dekton® XGloss by Cosentino is the latest range of shiny, ultra-compact, high-tech surfaces of almost crystal-clear shininess. This new range, created using cutting-edge nanotechnology and a mechanical shining process, combines extraordinary brightness, hardness the highest order and resistance to UV rays, scratches, thermal shock and Dekton® stains. Dekton® XGloss is the ideal solution for both interiors and exteriors, applied either vertically or horizontally on floors, stairways, facades or  claddings.


INFOAFFRESCHI.COM CarpeDiem.  Affreschi & Affreschi is launching its new #CarpeDiem collection. Extremely easy to apply, all these subjects can be custom-designed. 1 mm thick layers of plaster are applied manually inside workshops using the very best raw materials available, directly sourced from their original locations. After the material has been worked, it becomes flexible, hardwearing and easy-to-roll, while maintaining its distinctive porosity providing a “wall effect” texture.


INTERFACE.EU Modular carpet. The Equal Measure™, Narratives™ and Near & Far™ collections of modular carpet coatings by Interface, designed by David Oakey, feature patterns and textures inspired by biophilia helping create well-being in workspaces, while stimulating creativity and productivity. Making reference to the variety of flora harmoniously covering the woodlands, the new products are totally modular and can be installed on the their own or in conjunction with other shapes and sizes of Interface carpets (squares or waves). 


LITHOSDESIGN.COM Lithos Design sees marble cladding as an innovative decorative element. With this in mind, the company introducing the Opus collection designed by Raffaello Galiotto. Opus is the reinterpretation of the technique and rendering of classic inlay work, proposed with designs that are reproduced continuously. This collection of floors and claddings retains the superior styling and symbolic value of the natural material.


GRANITIFIANDRE.IT Maximum, in an innovative 300x150 cm format, is a material combining the distinctive features of high-quality  Fiandre ceramic tiling with durability, lightness, flexibility and ductility. As well as coming in this exceptional new size, the tiles are just 6 mm thick and weigh only 14 kg/m². Maximum is ideal for covering both indoor and outdoor walls in residential and commercial buildings, worktops, double ceilings, dividing walls or the coatings of yachts.


HIMACS.EU HI-MACS®. The architects Egli & Partner discovered that HI-MACS® acrylic stone was the ideal material for combining design and functionality in this very simply designed house built in Bronschhofen, Switzerland.  HI-MACS® acrylic stone in a Nordic White shade was chosen for the worktops and wall panels in the kitchen. HI-MACS® was also used for the washbasin in the bathroom that is incorporate in a surface stretching from one wall to the other. 


FLORIM.IT Florim.The new Florim showroom in Milan designed by Andrea Mafei is a flexible, elegant space set over two levels. The ground floor is the main exhibition area with its 13 windows along the street. Various theme areas can be freely set out thanks to the ceramic walls that slide and revolve on tracks ensconced in the floor. The layout of the entire showroom revolves around two staircases and an all-glass hoisting platform. 


PORCELANOSA.COM Krion®The Krion® mineral resin ventilated coating system is composed of natural minerals and acrylic resins. Developed by Porcelanosa,  this SolidSurface material can boast some exclusive traits, such as resistance to UV rays, sudden changes in temperature, fire, heat, freezing, scratches, bumps and bangs and a total absence of porosity. It is also thermo-mouldable, rear-lit and recyclable, 


CASALGRANDEPADANA.IT Fractile. The state-of-the-art glazed porcelain stoneware tiles in the Fractile by Casalgrande Padana range feature a dynamic three-dimensional pattern highlighted by a vibrant metallic surface. The unique solution adopted for the surface finish, featuring an original bas-relief geometric pattern, gives the effect of movement. This is emphasised by the metallic glaze; when exposed to light the ceramic material appears to split up and reform in a plethora of reflections.


ASTEC.IT Architectural Bronze. Façade coverings made of Astec’s Architectural Bronze meet all the aesthetic and environmental requirements of modern-day architecture, fitting into existing settings thanks to the high quality of the material and vast range of finishes available. Architectural Bronze has some unique properties: protection against corrosion, durability, improved surface patina over time, anti-microbial material and environmental respect (100% recyclable).