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VMZINC. World leader in innovative solutions in zinc for the building envelope, VMZINC is a brand of Fedrus International Group by the name of VM BUILDING SOLUTIONS. The brand proposes a unique range of products for roofing, cladding systems, rainwater systems, ornaments as well as innovative solutions for interior design. VMZINC is synonymous of innovative, high quality and eco-friendly products with an added value for creativity. It has got a wide range of finishings: from Natural zinc, to Preweathered ANTHRA-ZINC and QUARTZ-ZINC, Preweathered PIGMENTO in red, blue, green and brown, Bilaquered zinc and the last finishing AZENGAR, a new and different raw zinc, as well as a range of “technical” rolled zinc.



KAWNEER-FRANCE.COMKalory'R is the latest generation of highly insulated tilt-and-slide aluminium windows with aluminium frames, ordinary outside glass and double glazing on the inside to create an air channel protected by filter. This window is ideal for hospitals, retirement home for the elderly and offices. It fits in perfectly with curtain facades systems from the Kawneer and other similar ranges. Kalory’R conforms to the highest standards of sunlight control and can incorporate solar protection measuring up to 25 mm.


ETERNOIVICA.COM Phonolook is an innovative sound-absorbing panel created by Eterno Ivica to solve the problem of indoor reverberation phenomenon, given by the sound waves reflected on the wall surfaces and ceilings, can become extremely annoying and affect the spaces’ functionality, as in the case of crowded spaces, offices with multiple workstations, classrooms, meeting rooms and even theaters. Phonolook, is divided into two lines, Design and Solution, and it meets customers’s needs by combining together aesthetics, research for details, simplicity, convenience and ease in installation.


GLASTROESCH.CH SILVERSTAR BIRDprotect. Glas Trösch’s new SILVERSTAR BIRDprotect, developed in partnership with the Swiss Ornithology Station, is a type of facade glass incorporating protection against colliding birds, simultaneously offering flexible architectural solutions. Patterns printed on the glass allow birds to easily identify the obstacles and avoid flying into it.  Glas Trösch’s flexible printing process also allows the creation of customised designs and these patterns can be applied to solar-heat protection surfaces, regardless of how the insulating glass is fitted. 


AGC-GLASS.EU AGC contributed to the construction of the Belgian and Japanese pavilions at Milan Expo 2015 by supplying a total of 3300 m² of high-performance energy glass. The southern part of the geodetic dome and roof over the Belgian pavilion were clad with two types of BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) glass. The Stopray range of glass with a high-performance magnetron coating was installed on the facade and roof of the Belgian building and entire facade of the Japanese building.  


KAWNEER-FRANCE.COM AA110 Trusswall. Located on a gently sloping plot of land in the highlands of Satory (Yvelines), the new restaurant created by the Mov’eo Competitiveness Centre has an all-glass facade built using the AA110 Trusswall system developed by Kawneer, specialists in aluminium architectural systems. In order to focus on the transparency of its facades, Kawneer worked in close cooperation with the architects Patrick Charoin and Marina Donda to develop a customised solution serving their purposes.


TECHNAL-INT.COM Noteal Move. Technal’s ‘Noteal Move’ motorised sliding blinds provide shelter against the sun and optimise natural light according to the climate and sun’s position. With wireless or wired remote control, Noteal Move can be connected to a central control system. This motorised modular solution offers various different kinds of protection (total, mixed or Persian blinds) that can be adapted to any kind of architecture. Ideal for either single or double windows, it comes with both horizontal or vertical fixed blades.


WICONA.COM Wicline 65. Part of the urban regeneration project for the Moulins district to the east of Nice, the Alandier is a person-friendly building sustainably designed right down to the most minute detail by Sophie Nivaggioni.  Wicona has constructed the external window frames of the 80 lounges and bedrooms out of full-height sliding Wicslide 65 aluminium. Wicline 65 Hi was used for the other rooms, while the ground-floor commercial spaces have a Mecano curtain façade. Combining both image and performance, Wicona systems provide the apartments with comfortable acoustics and warmth.


WEAVINGARCHITECTURE.COM 3D façade. The high performance 3D mesh façade by Haver & Boecker is a coating that creates unique dynamic effects ensuring sunscreen and visual protection. The 3D façade is composed of pre-assembled and pre-finished stainless steel mesh elements, available in different sizes and shapes of architectural mesh thus offering designers an aesthetic, functional and contemporary solution to coat buildings in a personal way.


FIRESTONEBPE.FR Rubbergardtm EPDM is a waterproofing system for flat roofs manufactured by Firestone Building products, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of membranes made of synthetic EPDM rubber. Ideal for roofs covered with landscaping or photovoltaic units, as well as new constructions and modernisation projects, this solution stands out because it comes in large joint-free sheets. This lightweight product (weighing between 1.41-1.95 kg/m²) can be used to directly cover previous insulation systems while preserving existing structures.